“While I was walking in Buffalo, New York, I saw a man walking around with my briefcase! Suddenly, the man placed MY BRIEFCASE on the bench, then walked into a restaurant. I then ran over, picked up the briefcase, and bolted out the door and drove as fast as I could until I was home. Later, two officers, from the Buffalo Police Department, came to my door and said I was under arrest for larceny and I found out the briefcase really wasn’t mine! Did I commit larceny?”


To be convicted of larceny, in Erie County, New York, the prosecution must not only establish that you physically took the briefcase, but that you did so with the intent to take the property of another. This is because larceny is a “specific intent crime,” which simply means the person taking the property must specifically intend to commit larceny. Therefore, if you believed the briefcase was your own, then the required intent, to take the property of another, is not present.

If you or a loved one you know has found themselves in a similar situation, call a Buffalo Defense Attorney today!



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