“Will I get a fine or possibly be charged for underage drinking? I just moved to Buffalo, New York with my mom and dad, we used to live in Amherst. Anyway, the other day I drank too much and had to go to the hospital. When the ambulance picked me up, the police arrived, but I don’t remember what they said and it’s been 5 days. Considering I haven’t heard from them do you think they will do anything? They just took my name but nothing else.”

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Generally, in New York State, if you were going to be charged for underage drinking, the police would issue a pink summons slip for violating Section 65-c, which is unlawful possession of an alcoholic beverage with the intent to consume by persons under the age of twenty-one. Based on the facts as you describe them, it appears you were not issued such a summons. Given that, although not 100% impossible, it is extremely unlikely you will be charged with anything.

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