“I live in Kenmore and a friend of mine, who lives in North Buffalo, was arrested a few nights ago. My friend’s lawyer is apparently going around trying to find out who snitched on his client. I just find this weird. Is this normal for lawyers to do this?”


One of the most important, yet often overlooked, duties an attorney owes to her client is to conduct a through investigation. If an defense attorney in buffalo, ny fails to uncover critical facts which undermine the DA’s case, the accused is less likely to secure an advantageous plea deal or be acquitted by a jury. Simply put, attorneys must question all of the evidence, make every effort to speak with every witness, and if possible, obtain as many sworn statements from witnesses supporting the accused’s version of events.

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Within the context of the investigatory phase, in the case of the so called snitch described above, an attorney, at the very least, must examine why the police decided to arrest the accused. Furthermore, a Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney must examine the evidence policed submitted to determine if probable cause was established. If the Buffalo Police arrested the accused based on evidence provided by another individual, then the Buffalo Criminal Justice Attorney should do everything in her power to learn the identity of the person.

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