“My brother, who is from Amherst, got arrested in Buffalo. The Judge, in Erie County, ordered a warrant because he didn’t show up to court and the bail was set at $4,000. If my brother turns himself in, what happens next? He doesn’t have $4,000, so will they just give him another court date?”


In New York State, if a person cannot make bail, then he or she will be jailed. You may also decide to pay a bondsmen 10%. In this scenario, after you pay the bondsman $400, she would post the $4,000 bail. However, you would not get your money back once the proceedings conclude.


If you cannot afford to post bail or pay a bondsmen, a Criminal Defense Attorney in Buffalo Ny could file a bail motion and argue for a reduction or elimination of bail. Whether the court grants the motion depends on the charges and the likelihood that a party will show up to the next court appearance.

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For more questions, contact a Buffalo Defense Attorney today.

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