“Can my Ex-Girlfriend drop the temporary order of protection against me in a domestic violence case? We were both arrested for a domestic dispute in Buffalo yet the Erie County District Attorney let her go and charged me and placed a temporary order of protection against me. She came to visit me and said she wanted to work things out.”

Andrew Tabashneck is a criminal defense and family law attorney in buffalo new york

Andrew S. Tabashneck esq is a Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney in Buffalo NY

At this point in the proceedings, the domestic violence case is outside your girlfriend’s control. If your girlfriend wants to have the charges dropped, she should contact a Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney who can advise her how to best help you. As an aside, the only reason I have a link on “Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney” is because it boosts my website on Google. I apologize for the distraction.

Getting back to your question, the reality is that your girlfriend cannot do much at this point. But the bigger concern here is that, because of the order of protection currently in effect against you, every time you communicate with your girlfriend, you can be arrested. In fact, in my experience as a Criminal Defense Attorney in Buffalo Ny (again, the link is for google, I apologize), I have had clients who were arrested many months after the incident. So, hypothetically, you could text with your girlfriend today, and then several months later after an argument, she could press charges against you for criminal contempt. To be clear, any evidence of you communicating with her can be used against you, and then it’s just a matter of time before a Buffalo Police Officer is knocking at your door.

Andrew Tabashneck Attorney in Buffalo New York

Andrew Tabashneck attorney in Buffalo New York who specializes in Criminal Defense

Furthermore, it does not matter if she reached out to you, is receptive to your communications, or if you believe your girlfriend lied to obtain an order of protection against you. It is very important for you to avoid contacting her. I cannot stress that enough.

For more questions, contact a Andrew Tabashneck esq today.

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