“it’s been over a year and my wife, who lives in Buffalo NY, refuses to sign the divorces papers. What should I do next? Do I need to hire a divorce lawyer?”


Under New York Divorce Law, both parties do not need to sign anything to obtain a divorce. One option is to file and receive a default judgment. In a divorce, under New York Divorce law, the party seeking a divorce must personally serve the opposing spouse with at least the Summons. Once your spouse is served, there is a certain time frame when your spouse must respond. If your spouse does not respond within the time frame, your divorce lawyer buffalo ny can move forward to take the divorce on default. However, the process for default judgments in New York is slightly different than other civil cases.

The best option is to retain a divorce lawyer buffalo ny who can navigate the process which often becomes complicated.

For a free consultation, contact a divorce lawyer buffalo ny today.

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