“What happens if my ex says that I made a phone call to her when she had a temporary order of protection several months ago?”

Andrew Tabashneck is a criminal defense attorney in buffalo new york and the founding partner of hte Tabashneck Law Firm

Andrew Tabashneck is the Founding Partner of the Tabashneck Law Firm

In New York, you will most likely be charged with Criminal Contempt in the Second Degree which is a Class A Misdemeanor and punishable by a maximum of one year in jail. If police allege aggravating factors, it is possible you could be charged for felony criminal contempt.

Generally, police take order of protection violations extremely seriously. It is entirely possible that police subpoena your cell phone company and obtain your call records. If you did make the phone call, then the cell phone records will confirm that such a call was made

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