My wife’s attorney keeps hassling my attorney about exclusive possession. Exclusive possession this and that. I don’t know what he’s talking about. We are separated, still married, but going to get divorced.

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Divorce Attorneys in Buffalo Ny should know exclusive possession simply means only one person, either you or your wife, has the right to live in the residence. It does not necessarily mean you lose your equitable interest in the home. However, the court could consider it among a variety of other factors.

A Divorce lawyer in buffalo ny will generally include a claim for exclusive possession in the Summons W/ Notice as well as the Complaint for Divorce. After filing for the divorce, a party may bring a motion for the court to establish exclusive possessing of the marital home for one of the parties. Sometimes, this is done as a result of very bad behavior by one of the parties; however, the behavior must be particularly abominable.

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