Ask a Buffalo Criminal Attorney: What happens after indictment?

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Criminal lawyer buffalo ny know once the accused has been indicted on a felony, the arraignment on the indictment will be held in superior court, which is either County or Supreme Court. In Buffalo, New York, for example, the arraignment following the indictment would take place in Supreme Court located in the City of Buffalo.

At the indictment arraignment, the judge will inform the defendant of the charges, appoint counsel if necessary, and review the bail status of the accused. The Criminal Attorney Buffalo NY who represented the accused in the local criminal court must be given two days’ notice prior to the indictment arraignment, under Criminal Procedure Law 210.10(1)(2). The judge may also reconsider the bail status at this time, which provides fo the possibility of bail increase or revocation. Therefore, Criminal Attorney Buffalo NY should be prepared with a bail argument in the event the People argue that bail be revoked.

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The parties may also review whether a temporary order of protection should be requested, modified or extended. In the event the court fails to formally arraign the accused on an indictment, buffalo criminal attorneys know it is not a jurisdictional defect, if the accused submits to the jurisdiction of the court.

It is not easy to understand the Criminal law in New York. Sometimes it’s best to ask a Buffalo Criminal Attorney for guidance. If you are looking for free legal advice buffalo ny from a criminal defense attorney buffalo ny, and facing criminal charges or in the middle of a criminal case, contact a criminal lawyers buffalo ny,  criminal lawyer buffalo ny, or  criminal attorney buffalo ny

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