“When the judge asks me to plead guilty, can I just plead guilty and get everything over with?”


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Can you plead guilty at arraignment: yes. Now, whether you should is another story.

Under Criminal Procedure Law 170.60, at arraignment, the accused may plead either guilty or not guilty. With a felony complaint in local court, the accused is technically not required to enter any plea, but it is common practice to plead not guilty.

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Now, getting to the crux of the question: whether you should ever plead guilty at arraignment. The reality is that a plea of not guilty is almost always better at this early stage in the process. Even if you plan on pleading guilty in the very near future. One of the reasons is because a plea of not guilty can always be changed at a later date, while changing a guilty plea is a tougher process. Additionally, it provides you with a degree of leverage which is critical in negotiating your plea with the prosecution.

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Finally, if you are innocent, clearly, you should never plead guilty. Although this does often occur because many people are afraid of the consequences if they were to be found guilty of the crime by a jury.

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