Ask a Criminal Lawyer Buffalo NY: can a restraining order be issued at the first court appearance?

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Under New York’s CPL 530.13, a court in New York is authorized to issue an order of protection in conjunction with any criminal proceeding. Criminal Defense Lawyer Buffalo NY know this expands CPL 530.12 and allows for orders of protection to be issued not only in proceedings involving family offenses.

The reasoning for expanding this type of order was based on an increasing dissatisfaction for the previous method of issuing orders of protection involving allegations of threats, harassment, and other types of intimidation.

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Buffalo Criminal Attorneys must be aggressive in arguing against a restraining order

As criminal attorney buffalo ny were used to with the prior law, however, for the accused to be subject to criminal prosecution for the violation of an order of protection, he or she must, either orally or in writing, be advised of the contents of the order and the conduct it prohibited. If the accused is merely notified that an order of protection has been issued, in New York, it probably will not be enough.

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Criminal Lawyer Buffalo NY must be aggressive in protecting the rights of each and every client.


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