“Are all felonies indicted by the grand jury?”

Criminal Lawyers Buffalo NY
Criminal Defense Attorney Buffalo NY

Many felonies are not indicted because the criminal attorney in buffalo new york works out a deal with the District Attorneys Office. Some Criminal lawyer in buffalo ny believe that if a deal is not worked out before the grand jury, the DA’s office may not negotiate offers. However, in many cases, the District Attorney may offer a good deal to an enthusiastic Criminal lawyer in buffalo ny based on the belief that will save precious resources. This is one reason it is very important for criminal attorney in buffalo new york to anticipate the case will go trial. Even if 99 percent of cases do not go to trial, if the prosecutor believes the Criminal Defense Lawyer Buffalo New York is willing to go to trial, then that will likely lead to the best deal.

In some cases, the offer before the Grand Jury may not be as good as an offer later on. One reason for this is because, prior to the Grand Jury, the prosecution may not be very familiar with the facts in the case. Although the prosecutor has likely put together a felony complaint, spoken to investigators, and probably has a general theory of the case, there are nevertheless many facts yet to be confirmed.
In the event that facts emerge which show the accused is either not guilty or less likely to be guilty, clearly, such a situation would warrant a better offer. This situation does arise in certain cases.

Again, if you find yourself going through the criminal process, it is very important to find lawyers in buffalo ny free consultation

Please be advised, this is not legal advice. For a free consultation, contact a Criminal lawyer in buffalo ny, criminal attorney in buffalo new york, or a Criminal Defense Lawyer Buffalo NY

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