Should my attorney file the omnibus motion with the county clerk?

Andrew Tabashneck is a criminal defense attorney in buffalo new york and the founding partner of hte Tabashneck Law Firm

Andrew Tabashneck is the Founding Partner of the Tabashneck Law Firm


Although this may not appear to be a significant issue,criminal defense attorney in buffalo new york, in addition to serving any motion on opposing counsel and the court, criminal defense attorney buffalo ny in a felony case should also file a copy of the motion papers (along with discovery requests with the county clerk’s office.

Criminal defense attorney buffalo ny know by doing this, the filed papers will become part of the record on appeal. This is absolutely vital in all cases, but in particular when some of the disputed issues involve technical legal arguments which could largely depend on the judge deciding the issue.

Again, if you find yourself going through the criminal process, it is very important to find lawyers in buffalo ny free consultation

Please be advised, this is not legal advice. For a free consultation, contact a Andrew Tabashneck

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