“The prosecutor should have evidence that will show I didn’t commit the crime I’m accused of! How can I get that evidence?”

Criminal Lawyers Buffalo NY
Criminal Defense Attorney Buffalo NY

Under CPL 240.20(h), the prosecutor has an obligation to disclose exculpatory information to the Criminal Defense Lawyer Buffalo New York. When Criminal Defense Lawyer Buffalo New York make a request for discovery under CPL 240.20(h), it is imperative to consider as many specific demands as possible because a specific demand for evidence showing the accused is innocent makes it easier to establish a violation of CPL 240.20.

Exculpatory information essentially is evidence tending to show the accused may not have committed the crime he or she is accused of.

Getting back to the motion, criminal attorney in buffalo new york should carefully craft discovery for a broad range of specific information which is relevant and unique to the case at hand. Criminal attorney in buffalo new york who merely make general requests run the risk of ailing to establish a violation.

Generally, Criminal lawyer in buffalo ny should also make broader discovery request which are likely relevant in all or most cases. Such requests could include demands for alibi evidence or evidence that any prosecution witness entered into a cooperation agreement, made prior inconsistent statements, committed prior crimes, failed to make an identification of the accused or other participants in the crime, or has a bias or motive to live.

Discovery is a critical part of the criminal process because this is where information can be obtained which could greatly assist in showing the accused did not commit the crime.

Again, if you find yourself going through the criminal process, it is very important to find lawyers in buffalo ny free consultation

Please be advised, this is not legal advice. For a free consultation, contact a Criminal lawyer in buffalo ny, criminal attorney in buffalo new york, or a Criminal Defense Lawyer Buffalo NY


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