Ask a Criminal Attorney Buffalo NY:

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Clearly, I do not have enough information to provide you with an answer to this question and you should certainly discuss this question with your criminal defense attorney.

That being said, generally speaking, there are a number of factors your Criminal attorney buffalo new york may consider in determining his or her recommendation. First, he or she must weigh the evidence against you. If the evidence is not there and it appears unlikely that evidence will emerge later on, then this is not a very good deal. Clearly, if you did not engage in criminal behavior, pleading guilty to anything is not acceptable.

If, on the other hand, the District Attorney has fairly strong evidence against you, or you believe the district attorney will later discover such evidence, this may be a very good deal.

Now, you may wonder, why would the district attorney offer such a nice deal if there is substantial evidence against you which could lead to your inevitable conviction? Your Criminal Lawyer in Buffalo New York should pick up on the fact that you are entitled to be released on your on recognizance, If you are held in custody for five days without being indicted. So, it is entirely possible that the District Attorney made this offer to your Criminal Attorney in Buffalo New York because this case would take substantial time.

Although  Criminal Defense Lawyer in Buffalo New York often note that the District Attorney ahs substantial more resources than defense counsel, the district attorneys office is not of unlimited resources. In other words, if the district attorney knows he or she cannot indict you within the time limits under CPL 180.80, then he or she may have reached out to your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Buffalo New York in an attempt to avoid the time this case could potentially require.

Again, it’s impossible to know the precise reasons and the above is simply a speculation based on very limited facts.

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