Ask a Criminal Lawyer Buffalo NY: What happens if I don’t complete the court-ordered community service?”

The Tabashneck Law Firm provides passionate criminal defene with Buffalo Criminal Attorneys who fight for clients in criminal cases


Although community service may seem like a fairly lenient punishment, failure to complete all the hours ordered by a judge in a timely manner can lead to the issuance of a Bench Warrant for your appearance before that very same judge. criminal attorney in buffalo new york should explain to the court the circumstances which caused the party to not be able to complete the required community service. Sometimes, the court may work with the party if there is a legitimate reason for not completing the community service, and in many cases there is a legitimate reason. At times, certain organizations may not need any additional volunteers or there may be complicated process for becoming a volunteer. Whatever the reason, it is vital to let your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Buffalo New York know what is transpiring so he or she may effectively represent you.

It is not easy to understand the Criminal law in New York. If you are facing criminal charges or in the middle of a criminal case and need an attorney contact Andrew Tabashneck for a free consultation


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