Ask a Criminal Lawyer Buffalo NY: Can bail be set if I’m being held on a parole violation?

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Criminal Attorneys in Buffalo New York know that regardless of whether the court sets bail, the accused will not be released until the Department of Corrections drops their hold on him. It may be best not to post bail or bond because the time he’s serving involuntarily because of the DOC’s hold will not inure to his benefit later if he should be sentenced to any jail time. In other words, if the accused is likely to be sentenced to serve some jail time, based on discussions you should have with your criminal defense lawyer buffalo ny, then the time he is currently serving will “count” towards the sentence.

Criminal lawyers in Buffalo New York know that, before posting bail, it is vital that you make sure the hold no longer exists. As Criminal attorneys buffalo ny understand, the worst case scenario is if you were to post bail, but because the hold exists, he nevertheless must stay in jail. Making matters worse, he would not get “good time” jail credit for the time he does because he was effectively “out on bail” and the only thing that kept him in jail was the DOC hold. In other words, it’s better to not post bail for him until the hold is dropped, if it’s dropped.

The Tabashneck Law Firm provides passionate criminal defense with compassion and understanding

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