Ask a Buffalo Criminal Attorney: When will I be arraigned on felony criminal charges?

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Criminal Attorneys Buffalo NY understand an arraignment is the formal entry of a plea to a charge and it is critical that you have a criminal lawyer present to protect your rights. When the accused is facing criminal charges and indicted on a felony criminal charges, the defendant generally will be arraigned on the criminal charges in both local court, and once indicted, then the criminal case goes up to superior court. At the arraignment, the person accused of the crime has a right to a criminal defense attorney buffalo ny If the criminal charges stem from events in Buffalo, then the arraignment will take place first in Buffalo City Court, and then in Supreme Court. Both courts are located in Downtown Buffalo.

Unlike the arraignment in the local court where the judge decides bail, in the superior court, the accused is presented with the opportunity to enter a plea of not guilty. Although some Buffalo ny criminal attorneys may enter a plea of not guilty at the local court arraignment, the more appropriate time to do this is during the arraignment following the indictment. The most precise way to handle the issue at a preliminary hearing is for the Criminal lawyer in buffalo ny to state “I waive a public reading of the charges and reserve the right to enter a plea at the appropriate time and wish to be heard on the issue of bail.” Then, if the accused is indicted, he or she may enter a Not Guilty plea.

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